Welcome to Focal Meter

It’s no secret that television has changed over the past decade, there are now many more ways to watch TV programmes whether that be online or via devices that can connect to your TV.
As technology continues to develop, how we measure television viewing also needs to adapt and evolve. That is why we have created the Focal Meter, a simple box that connects directly to your broadband router and collects viewing information for the devices on your network.

The Focal Meter only collects information about services we are interested in, currently, these are - 

Broadcaster player monitoring (specifically what you are watching and how long):

BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, Sky Go, UKTV Play, STV, S4C Clic, Premier Player, RT, BT Sport.


Services (a measurement of time spent in the service):

YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, BT Sport, Twitch, Now TV, Apple TV Plus, Britbox, 
TVPlayer, Rakuten TV, Vevo, Yupp TV, Hayu, Pluto TV, Acorn TV + Disney Plus


There is a filter on the Focal Meter which means only viewing of these services ever leaves your household. We cannot see anything else that you or your household members do on any other website or app.

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