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Useful Information
Social Media

Now that the VirtualMeter app has been installed on your laptops, PCs and tablets, please start logging into the app before you begin viewing any programmes.
Each day we’ll check the data the app is sending us to
see that everything is working properly.
If you have any other questions about the VirtualMeter software, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to assist.


Multiple Devices

We know that sometimes you may multitask by using several different devices at once. In these cases, please
log into each of the devices.
If you are in a room where the TV is on, please always
press your button on the TV handset. For PCs, laptops
and tablets, please log into each device you are
actually using or viewing.
For example, if someone else is watching the news on
the TV, but you are watching a film on your tablet in
the same room, you should register your viewing on
both the TV and your tablet.
Or if you are using both a tablet and a laptop at the
same time, you should log into the VirtualMeter app
on both devices.


Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in activity on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. These are increasingly being used as a communication tool between family, friends, work colleagues and wider groups. To ensure your involvement on the panel remains confidential, it is important that you
 do not disclose or discuss your participation on the panel when communicating on social networks.




We will not disclose the identity of household members
 and all of your details will be held in the strictest confidence. We will also never try to sell you anything
or try to influence your viewing behaviour.
We are simply interested in recording as accurately
as possible all of what you watch. As a world-class

research company, our record for confidentiality, professionalism and impartiality is important to us.
Your personal details will be held by Kantar,

who work on BARB’s behalf.

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