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As a participant on the BARB Television Panel, it’s very important that we have the correct information for each individual within your household. We use a specific set of demographics which determine the make-up of your home and our figures need to accurately reflect that. We understand that people move in and out and circumstances are always changing. The information provided on the back cover is currently what we hold on our system for your home. You can help us to keep our records current by calling our freephone number or emailing to update us of any changes. Please contact us if any household members move in or out of your home, including anyone leaving to go to university, and we will arrange for a technician to visit and amend your handset accordingly.

From the Panel

Q: A family member has moved out of the home and now I cannot see their points. Have the points been removed?

A: Once an individual household member has been removed from the meter, they will no longer show up on any documentation. The outstanding points will still be on the system and can be accessed via the normal process of contacting BI, the rewards company. Please remember to state your household number and the panel member number of the individual concerned.


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